The Williams College Motor Coach Transport is a financially independent, student-run motor coach business serving the students, faculty, and staff of Williams College.

We offer timely service to Albany (Albany International Airport), Boston (Logan International Airport & North Station), and NYC (Penn Station) throughout the year.

How to purchase your tickets: Go to PeopleSoft (Self Service>Williams Transport>Book Tickets). You will be charged on your term bill. Only current students and faculty are able to book tickets and use our services.

Ticket Prices: Tickets are $37.50 for all NYC and Boston routes and $22.50 for all Albany routes. Prices may alter.


  1. Only current Williams students/professors can purchase tickets—friends, family, and partners cannot.
  2. Book 20 days prior to departure for a 15% discount!
  3. Booking and cancellations close 9 PM ET the night before departure. After that time, refunds will not be given, unless in extenuating circumstances.
  4. If there is a wait list, we will add an additional bus if ≥50% of a bus can be filled (23 people).
  5. If you are a student with a documented disability or a temporary impairment that may require accommodations in your transportation arrangements with Williams Transport, please contact the Office of Accessible Education (413-597-4672) after purchasing your ticket. Accessible Education will work with you to coordinate accommodations with Williams Transport.Please note: ticket purchases made within 24 hours of departure may impact our ability to provide requested accommodations.