Important Message Concerning Motorcoach

Important Message Concerning Motorcoach Transportation 2012-2013

Dear Williams Community,

Williams Motorcoach Transport is a student-run, financially independent and self-sustained venture that is not funded by the College. As the result of an analysis of our 2011-12 ridership figures that led to a significant annual financial loss, the 2012-13 schedule has been condensed substantially.

To become financially sustainable it was necessary that we immediately adjust our services, including the elimination of the most under-utilized runs. For example, many of the back-to-school 55-passenger buses traveling from NYC or Boston were only carrying an average of 3 students at a significant financial loss. These economically unsustainable routes have been removed and, likewise, the annual schedule of travel has been consolidated into the dates and times listed on the website.

Ticket booking is now live for all remaining routes to campus from the Albany Airport via PeopleSoft. Once the currently chartered buses are full, we’ll review our waitlists. Any waitlist that contains a minimum of 50% of seating capacity will lead us to charter additional buses and the waitlisted students will be notified that they can now book a ticket. For those still looking to travel from either Boston or NYC to campus, Peter Pan bus lines offers twice-daily routes from both of those cities to Williamstown.

We apologize for any inconvenience these schedule changes may cause and we look forward to being able to continue to offer the best service we can within the constraints of our available resources.


Charlie Cao ’13, Williams Transport Director

Benjamin Lamb, Assistant Director for Student Involvement

Williams Transport Advisor