Free Weekend Transportation

Sunday FREE Local Shuttle Transportation

2017-2018 Service Schedule


The Bus With Us Program through BRTA has expanded to provide free bus transportation for Williams Students, Faculty, and Staff on the 1, 2, 3 and 7 routes. This service is offered MONDAY thru SATURDAY


Listed Stops: ’62 Center (behind the building), Stop&Shop (by recycling center), Wal-Mart (pharmacy sign), North Adams (Main Street, by TD Bank)

Dates of Operation:  Sundays (Sept 10 – May 13)

Special Note: The Shuttle will NOT run on the following dates due to Holidays- Dec 24, Dec 31


First Run
11:30am – Depart from Behind ’62 Center
11:35am – Drop at Wild Oats
11:40am – Drop at Stop & Shop
11:55am – Drop at Main Street North Adams  (by TD Bank)
12:00pm – Drop at Wal-Mart
12:55pm – Depart Wal-Mart
1:00pm – Pickup at Main Street North Adams  (by TD Bank)
1:05pm – Pickup at Stop & Shop
1:10pm – Pickup at Wild Oats
1:15pm – Arrive Behind ’62 Center
Second Run
1:30pm – Depart from Behind ’62 Center
1:35pm – Drop at Wild Oats
1:40pm – Drop at Stop & Shop
1:55pm – Drop at Main Street North Adams  (by TD Bank)
2:00pm – Drop at Wal-Mart
3:00pm – Depart Wal-Mart
3:05pm – Pickup at Main Street North Adams  (by TD Bank)
3:10pm – Pickup at Stop & Shop
3:15pm – Pickup at Wild Oats
3:20pm – Arrive Behind ’62 Center
Third Run
3:30pm – Depart from Behind ’62 Center
3:35pm – Drop at Wild Oats
3:40pm – Drop at Stop & Shop
3:55pm – Drop at Main Street North Adams (by TD Bank)
4:00pm – Drop at Wal-Mart
5:00pm – Depart Wal-Mart
5:05pm – Pickup at Main Street North Adams  (by TD Bank)
5:10pm – Pickup at Stop & Shop
5:15pm – Pickup at Wild Oats
5:20pm – Arrive Behind ’62 Center
5:35pm – Final Pickup at Wild Oats
5:40pm – Final Pickup Stop & Shop
5:45pm – Final Pickup Main Street North Adams  (by TD Bank)
5:50pm – Final Pikcup Wal-Mart
5:55pm – Final Drop-Off Behind ’62 Center

Please note that all rides are round trip. For example, do not plan to be dropped off at the Walmart by a friend and then take the Shuttle home, as it may be full. Priority for Shuttle rides is given to Williams College students. Guests of students may ride if space permits, at the discretion of the Shuttle drivers. Babies are not allowed. The capacity of the shuttle is 10 students plus the driver. We recommend arriving at the designated stops at least 15 minutes early, as the driver will depart as soon as all seats are taken.

If weather is unsafe to drive in, the shuttle will be cancelled for that day, possibly with no prior warning.

Questions about the Sunday Shuttle? Contact the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Involvement, Benjamin Lamb (