The Williams College Motor Coach Transport is a financially independent, student-run motor coach business serving the students and faculty of Williams College.

We offer timely service to regional transport hubs like the Albany (Albany International Airport and Albany-Rensselaer Station), Boston (Logan International Airport and North Station), and NYC (Penn Station) during specific times of the year.

Check out our 2018-2019 schedule for Academic Breaks and Weekend Getaways.

Purchase your tickets on PeopleSoft.


  1. Book 20 days prior to departure for a 15% discount!
  2. Booking and cancellations close 9 PM Eastern Time the night before departure. After that time, refunds will not be given, unless in extenuating circumstances.
  3. If there is a wait list, we will add an additional bus if ≥50% of a bus can be filled (23 people).
  • Are you interested in working with Motorcoach to provide you transportation for your off-campus programming? We may be able to help. Motorcoach will be piloting a co-sponsorship program in 2018-2019 to support programming that is open to all students. Eligible programs are those that are open to all students (i.e. not for team transportation), programs that the requesting organization is supporting in some way financial (i.e. this should not just be a trip to the mall), and programs that explicitly agree to indicate that Motorcoach is a co-sponsor of the program.

    Programs that are accepted will receive support in the form of transportation to and from their event. To submit a request for support, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please contact David Han ’19, Motorcoach Director, or the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Involvement.

    Motorcoach Co-Sponsorship Request Form

    This form should be utilized to request co-sponsorship support from Williams College Motorcoach. If your request is approved, any such support will come in the form of provided transportation.
    • What is the name of the program you are coordinating?
    • What Williams College Recognized Student Organization or Neighborhood is the primary program sponsor?
    • Who is the contact for this program?
    • How much will the event/activity cost?