***PLEASE NOTE: If demand indicates a sufficient need (at least a half-full charter, or 23 passengers) to book an additional bus for any trip, a bus may be added up to 1 day before a given travel date and those who opt to be placed on the wait list for a given trip will be informed of this. Williams Transport is a completely self sufficient, student-run program and as such must break even on all chartered buses.

*You may notice that routes this year are fewer and more limited than in years past. This is because of budgetary shortfalls; many of our money-losing routes had to be cut. We hope to offer more transportation options in the future. Sorry for any inconvenience in the interim.

Please note: Unless in extenuating circumstances, refunds for unused reservations or booking errors will not be given.  Please make sure you have booked tickets for the right bus at the correct time.  Prices are subject to change.

Please visit the Motorcoach website in PeopleSoft in order to reserve your tickets! A direct link can be found here.

For a full schedule of buses to Albany, NYC, and Boston during school breaks, click here.